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Our work takes us across borders and cultural divides to create long and short form content for online platforms, broadcast partners and cinematic release. Here are a selection of projects we are proud of.

The 52%

We travelled around the country to meet a selection of the majority of British citizens who voted to leave the European Union

DUP Heartland

East Belfast is the heartland of Protestant, unionist politics and therefore, one would believe, the natural support for Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist party, we travelled to East Belfast to meet the core support for the party.

Ireland's Forgotten Children

Rosemary Adaser was one of many mixed-race children considered illegitimate who was brought up in institutions run by the Catholic church in Ireland between the 1950s and 1970s

Inside an Abandoned Airport

Asylum seekers live inside the arrivals terminal of a decaying airport in Greece

Born and Reared

A story of four men in Northern Ireland living in the aftermath of a conflict that ended 18 years ago.